Children, Mercury and Vaccinations

The FDA recommended exposure to mercury in one day is 1.51 micrograms. Mandated vaccine schedules allow in one day your child could be injected with as much as 62.5 micrograms of mercury. Total exposure by 18 months could be as high as 237.5 mcg.

Yes, the very same mercury that we cannot dispose of in landfills or put down the drain or even touch with our skin. We are injecting into our children. If you request thimerosal-free vaccines you can reduce the amount of mercury injected into your child. But by following the mandated vaccine schedule your child is injected with 12.5 mcg at birth with the hepatitis B vaccine, 12.5 mcg in one month, 50 mcg at two months, 50 mcg at four months and 62.5 mcg at 6 months. The recommended safe exposure to mercury by the FDA is .4 mcg per day, the EPA is .1mcg per day. The thimerosal levels in some of these vaccines has been reduced. It would be wise to read the insert of the box of the vaccine for this information. Lab testing and research has not done on long term effects of vaccines with thimerosal (a mercury compound used as a preservative) before the government mandated the current vaccine program.

The symptoms for mercury poisoning are: self-injurious behavior, social withdrawal, lack of eye contact, lack of facial expression, hypersensitivity to noise and touch and repetitive behaviors: The very same symptoms of autism.

The recent Third International Public Conference on Vaccination 2002 in Arlington Virginia sponsored by The National Vaccine Information Center was a powerful gathering of very informed individuals. The long list of distinguished speakers filled the three days with so much pertinent information on the latest research, anecdotal reports and therapeutic protocols that anyone who ever doubted the connection between vaccine induced autism would have difficulty maintaining their viewpoint. The list of speakers ranged from pediatrics, immunology, epidemiology, pharmacology, gastroenterology, organic chemistry, chiropractic and more. Two mothers, Barbara Loe Fisher and Kathi Williams, whose children suffered serious reactions to DPT vaccines, founded the NVIC 20 years ago. This conference is held every year to promote open and responsible discussion about what is and is not known about vaccination in order to encourage well designed research into biological mechanisms of vaccine injury and death. The NVIC is committed to defending the human right of all people to make informed, voluntary decisions about medical interventions that can cause injury or death.

If you think that this is not an issue that can affect you or a loved one, here’s some statistics.

There has been a 1400% increase in autism in the U.S. since 1988 when the MMR, Hepatitis B and HIB vaccines were introduced into the schedule, recommended to be administered on the same day.

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) that include ADD, ADHD, PDD is doubling every 4 years.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has stated that 1 in 149 children have autism.

The only way to contract Hepatitis B is through sexual contact and dirty needle by drug use. The Hepatitis B vaccine has been anecdotally linked to SIDS. 10,000 American babies dies every year from SIDS, a term that was unknown before mass vaccine programs.

Hepatitis B vaccine in 1998 generated 2 billion in sales. Drug companies maintain that there are no reactions to the vaccines but they only monitor for 5 days after dose. VAERS (Vaccines Adverse Event Reporting System) established in 1991 reported between July 1990-October 1998 they received 17,497 reports of adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine, 5983 were serious, and 146 were deaths. FDA estimates these figures represent only 1 to 10% of such events because reporting to VAERS isn’t mandatory.

The CDC reports that since 1980 asthma reports have increased from 6.7 million cases to 17.3 million with most increase in children and more than 5000 die each years from asthma attacks.

The incidence of allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, ear infections, diabetes, and infectious disease have all increased exponentially in the last 20 years.

J Barthelow Classen, MD, MBA, founder of a biopharmaceutical company that develops vaccines technology has published epidemiological data demonstrating a relationship between vaccination and development of type I diabetes three to four years after vaccine. Insulin-dependent diabetes in American children has tripled in that last 25 yrs.

No basic research has ever been conducted in this country to determine the biological mechanism of vaccine injury or long-term studies to the side effects of the Hep b vaccine or effects of thimerosal.

Vaccine fillers and ingredients may include and are not limited to: aluminum, pig blood, horse blood, dog and monkey kidney, bovine serum, formaldehyde, human diploid cells from aborted fetuses, MSG, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) and thimerosal (mercury). *Vaccines do not guarantee immunity.

Additionally, most people do not know that in 1986 the government established the VICP (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) and has since awarded over 1.2 billion dollars in vaccine injury compensation. This number pales in comparison to the 7 billion dollars generated annually through this vaccine program. These numbers also pale in comparison to the cost estimated by the International Child Development Research Center that lifetime care for an autistic child is $3-$4 million. This estimate for the existing 420,000 children with autism over the next 50 years will be over $1 trillion.

At this conference it was learned that our children were still receiving vaccines into their teens. No correlation or possible link to the upsurge in bi-polarism, depression or increasing suicide rates among our teens was questioned but they too are receiving mega doses of mercury in vaccines at 11-12 years and 13-18 yrs as well as Varicella and Hep B series, PPV and Hep A all in one visit to the doctor.

Vaccines in and of themselves are not actually harmful although the debate rages on about the threat of devastating disease. Polio has been eradicated in the western hemisphere for over 20 years and the only cases of polio in the US in that timeframe have been vaccine induced. The threat of small pox is so minute that it is 1 chance in millions that anyone in this country could ever contract it and if contracted can be treated and is not fatal. Hep B is not a threat to infants. The real threat is the mercury and aluminum in the vaccines themselves.

If you choose to vaccinate, please insist on thimerosal free vaccine and insist on reading the insert in the box of the vaccine. At the conference there were stories of pharmaceutical reps assuring the doctor it was a thimerosal free batch and when the parent insisted on reading the insert it was in the ingredient list. Also, space the individual vaccines out over a three-week period so that the immune system is not inundated with several viruses at one time, especially the MMR. Those three viruses simultaneously compromise the integrity of the intestines and create an intestinal/neurological imbalance that affects the proteins that support neurological development and set up a compromised intestinal tract that leads to leaky gut syndrome.

No one can tell you not to do what you think is best for your child but please make an informed decision. It is not a law to have your child vaccinated, it is a mandate. There are religious and philosophical exemptions to gain admission into schools and daycare. Research that information and approach the school/daycare prepared ahead of time and stand by your rights. You may want to contact an attorney. There were parents at this conference that told their personal experiences of invasion of privacy, coercion and threats and blackmail by school officials.

Upon its inception the program was a well-intentioned, successful endeavor and today could be recovered as such. But the use of toxic chemicals, administering vaccines without screening for contraindications lack of appropriate research and multiple vaccines must be stopped. The complete lack of research and study on short and long term effects on infants and young children must be conducted in a manner consistent with FDA regulation and standards on all drugs.