Good Fat, Bad Fat – Why Can’t I Lose Fat

You can’t lose fat because your liver is fat. The liver is the organ most associated with fat metabolism and until you “de-fat” or actually de-tox the liver your body will not burn fat. A fatty liver stores fat instead of processing it. So if you have the struggle of dieting and feel like your are “starving” yourself but still don’t’ lose weight or if your waistline continues to expand regardless of food intake, if you battle cellulite (cellulite is a indicator of a sluggish lymph system which is correlated to the liver) or bloating or if you have a beer belly without consuming beer, you probably have a liver that is overtaxed and sluggish. In this situation you can diet all you want and the liver just can’t do its job.

So let’s not talk about losing weight because most weight loss from dieting is water weight and loss of muscle mass. People lose muscle mass because they are malnourished. This sets up the frustrating cycle of dieting then gaining more weight when you stop, called yo-yo dieting.

Let’s talk about burning fat. By the age of 35-40 most livers are congested from toxin build-up. The liver is responsible for filtering chemicals and pollutants from the blood. Toxins most commonly found in the liver are residues of “bad fats”(we’ll get to those), chemicals that are found in pesticides on our foods, chemicals contained in OTC and prescription drugs and heavy metals we pick up from our water and air pollution, antiperspirants, dental fillings and vaccines. One note about prescription drugs…The 2001 Consumer Reports on Health stated that medications that harm the liver over long term use included ibuprofen, statin drugs(cholesterol lowering), hormone replacements including birth control and anti-depressants to name a few. (Anti-depressants cause weight gain in 89% of patients).

The question now is how to clean up the liver and kick in the fat burners. The first step to begin to clean up the liver is by giving it some assistance. This can be as simple as drinking a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Primrose oil contains amino acids such as GLA that trigger calorie burning of brown adipose tissue (deep fat). There are herbs that support this process as well as other natural remedies that support liver function. The process need not be that disruptive to your normal daily routine. It is necessary to change some of the foods you eat. For weight loss it is common knowledge that a balanced diet of green vegetables, lean meats, dairy and grains are essential to overall health, what is not commonly accepted is that certain fats are essential for the body to function and for the body to actually burn unwanted fat. These fats are the good fats. They get such a bad rap. The good fats are olive oil, coconut oil (burns fat), flax oil (contains Omega 3s), fish oil(contains Omega 3s), macadamia oil and sunflower oil to name a few. What surprises most people is that saturated oils found in grass fed beef and butter are actually quite good for heart and brain health. Saturated fats support the immune system and protect the liver from toxins. Moderate intake is the key. An important thing to keep in mind…calcium needs fat to be absorbed.

Most of the diseases our society battles today began to rise when hydrogenated oils, polyunsaturated vegetable oils and other food additives began creeping into the American diet.

Some tips to keep in mind to boost your success with your fat loss…drink half your body weight in ounces of clean filtered water everyday. Most people are dehydrated and dehydration stimulates the body to hold on to every single ounce of water that is available. If you suffer from water retention, chances are, you are dehydrated and if you do not wake up in the morning thirsty, you’re not drinking enough water. To really kick up the metabolism, eat 6 small meals a day. This can be a piece of fruit with nuts, or some fresh vegetables with oil or a meal of a protein portion with a vegetable. Protein intake is absolutely essential to burning fat.

Avoid food ingredients such as MSG, it causes obesity. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, it is stored as fat. Avoid hydrogenated oils, they clog arteries. Above all avoid any food that is sugar free, these usually contain aspartame better known as Nutrasweetâ. This product causes cravings for carbohydrates, stimulates insulin production which causes to body to store fat and it is a neuro-toxin. It has been shown to increase rates of lymphoma and leukemia in laboratory studies.

If you have cravings of any kind your are either addicted to something such as sugar or MSG or you have a nutrient deficiency often a mineral deficiency. The first step to rectifying this is to change from common table salt to sea salt. Most table salt is salt refined to sodium chloride with dextrose added as a filler. All of the natural minerals have been processed out of it.

One more thing…getting enough sleep and reducing stress will go a long way to weight loss. If you don’t get enough sleep or you have a lot of stress, cortisol levels rise in the body and cortisol stores fat.

The road to fat loss can be achieved by cleaning the liver, eating a common sense balanced diet and adding to your food intake essential fats. Remember to get up and move. Walking just 20 minutes a day will help get the rear in gear.

Eat healthy and live well.