Poison in the Pantry

"The Truth Behind the Label", "The Beast Behind the Beauty"
and "Secrets Under The Sink"

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"The Truth Behind the Label" "The Beast Behind the Beauty" "Secrets Under The Sink"


"Poison in the Pantry -
The Truth Behind the Label"

Why are we so fat, forgetful and fatigued?

Some of the food additives are toxic and consumers should be aware of the implications and possible reactions to these products.  There are some questionable ingredients that have been implicated in ADHD, ADD, allergic reactions, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia pain and more.  The more educated you are as a consumer the better choices you can make about your health.

“One food additive that creates obesity might not have that much impact but when you consider that each of these food ingredients are cumulative and that some of the side effects create the same health hazards, the magnitude of the debilitating influence on our health is frightening…"

So many people are looking for ways to develop a healthy lifestyle and this is where to start…reading labels and changing eating habits from processed foods to whole, healthy, organic food.

This booklet compiles information from several sources to bring you a short, easy to read guide to food ingredients, side effects.

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"Poison in the Pantry -
The Beast Behind the Beauty"

Cancer, creams and makeup, is there a connection?

Scientists estimate that more than 85% of breast cancer can be linked to environmental influences.

In 1991 the FDA determined that of the cosmetic samples tested 65% contained cancer causing chemicals.

An average woman will apply 12 different products everyday, potentially exposing her system to over 184 different chemicals: many are carcinogenic, neurotoxic or estrogen mimickers.

Parabens found in foundation makeup, eye makeup, lipstick, etc. are hormone disruptors known to cause an overgrowth of breast cells.  Parabens have been found intact in breast tumors.

There are over 100,000 chemicals registered in the U.S., less than 10% have been tested for toxicity in humans.  Many of these chemicals are used in personal care products.

The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It is an essential part of the immune system.  Sixty percent (60%) of what is applied to the skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

There are no regulations that control what ingredients are in our body care products.

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"Poison in the Pantry -
Secrets Under The Sink"

Clean, Dirty or Deadly?  What’s under your sink?

For the first time in history future generations face a shorter life expectancy than the current adult population.  There is no federal law requiring pre-market testing  for toxicity of household cleaners.  It is estimated that over 95% of most cancers are caused by diet and environmental toxicity, including exposure to chemicals.

One popular kitchen cleaner contains 2-Butoxyethanol, a poison that is harmful if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed by the skin.  It affects the central nervous system, blood and blood forming organs, liver and kidneys.  Lab protection equipment includes goggles with a shield, lab coat and apron, vent hood and gloves and a Class B fire extinguisher.  This is a cleaner you spray on your countertop in the kitchen!

The air inside homes is sometimes more toxic than outside air.  We bombard our homes with cancer causing chemicals in the name of cleanliness.  This clean and sterile world has a very high price.  Our health and longevity are marred by thousands of untested toxic chemicals that we spray on counter tops and wipe on all surfaces.

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