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     Through my work as a holistic health practitioner I am constantly educating my clients on the importance of nutrition in regards to their health and longevity.  Many times they are appalled at the hidden ingredients in our foods and the side effects of these products. The recurring question I get is, “How can they do this?”   “They” can do this because so many consumers are uninformed and too busy to read the books and do research to uncover this information.  It is not readily available.  Most consumers trust the system, the FDA and the food manufacturers to keep their best interest in mind.  Sadly, this is a mistake...

     One food additive that creates obesity might not have that much impact but when you consider that each of these food ingredients are cumulative and that some of the side effects create the same health hazards, the magnitude of the debilitating influence on our health is frightening...

     This booklet compiles information from several sources to bring  you a short, easy to read guide to food ingredients, side effects and how these components have influenced the overall health and exponential increase in rates of disease over the past 30 years in the U.S.

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Why are we so fat, forgetful
and fatigued?

After reading this information, you will see how many different components of our food supply are contributing to the rising rates of obesity, mental disorders, behavior problems, learning disabilities, heart disease and chronic debilitating diseases.

  • MSG has been scientifically proven to cause obesity.

  • High fructose corn syrup is metabolized into fat.

  • Hydrogenated oils cause major clogging of the arteries.

  • Aspartame causes cravings for carbohydrates.

  • Flouride is a carcinogenic industrial waste product.

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