Chemically Induced Obesity: The Plague of America

Chemically Induced Obesity:The Plague of America

Laura DeMatteis

Obesity in America is not due to computers, lazy kids, mental disorders or thyroid malfunctioning. The current pandemic of obesity is not a disease. It is chemically induced through the foods we eat. Common chemicals found in processed foods, fast foods, sodas, etc. are proven to cause obesity. MGS, HFCS and artificial sweeteners are the main culprits.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is an addictive chemical that is a known neurotoxin, killing brain cells. It induces obesity, is linked to ADHD and Alzheimer’s. As an excitotoxin it stimulates the organs to overreact. This induces the pancreas to over produce insulin creating hyperinsulemia, a precursor to diabetes. High Fructose Corn Syrup is so processed that the body does not recognize it as food. It is stored as a toxin in fat tissue. HFCS inhibits the production of leptin, a appetite suppressor hormone and creates cravings for carbohydrates. It reduces chromium levels in the body, affecting heart functioning and memory.

Aspartame is also a neurotoxin, killing brain cells, affecting brain functioning, behavior and contributing to ADHD, ADD and Alzheimer’s. It reduces magnesium and chromium levels affecting memory and heart function. It was developed as a pesticide and is linked to many different body ailments and chronic diseases. It increases the incidence of brain tumors, cancers and causes malfunctioning in the pancreas and liver leading to diabetes and obesity.

How did these insidious chemicals get into our foods?   That, my friends, has a long history.

Here’s the timeline:

1930s- The federal reserve was formed and the global elite had the luxury of rapid transit. They could meet face to face and manufacture the globalization of the planet.   They developed a plan to eventually control all the resources and most importantly to control the currency of the main world powers.

1940s- Chemical warfare was developed and pesticides were introduced into the food supply via the commercial farming. Through this, the American population was exposed, and still is, to caner causing toxic chemicals. As a result of this, the nutritional content of our food was depleted. For example, the calcium content in corn has depleted 78%. Cancer takes approximately 20 years to manifest from a constant low level exposure.   Fluoride, a known neurotoxin and carcinogen was injected into municipal water under the guise of dental health, when in fact it is was of the biggest deceptions of all time. (read “the Fluoride Deception” , Christopher ++.

1950s- Vaccines were developed and administered to the general public. It is known now that many of those vaccines were contaminated with a monkey virus that manifests as cancer in humans. This generation of adults are now our seniors and because of their history will get flu shots every year, regardless of the efficacy or dangers. Research has shown that people who get seasonal flu shots have a higher incidence of AD.

1960s- Our president declared war on cancer (20 years after pesticides were introduced to our food supply) and psychotropic drugs were introduced to the population. Research indicates that valium was the number one prescribed drug of that time. And that generation found “better living through chemicals”. Big Pharma was developing drugs for every ailment and our healthcare began focusing on drugs instead of prevention. Chemotherapy became a multi-billion dollar industry.

1970s- This decade introduced MSG, HFCS and aspartame to our food supply. Ritalin was being pushed by big pharma and introduced to our children via the school system.   Creating a generation of drug addicts.

1980s-The vaccine schedule was increased by 200% and mercury and aluminum poisoning created the autism epidemic of the 90s.   Suicide and depression rates begin to rise in record numbers.

1990s- This decade saw the development of HIV, AIDS and autism. Children that began getting the MMR and increased vaccine schedule in the late 80s are being diagnosed with ASD in record numbers.

2000-now we have manmade pandemic deadly viruses and deadly vaccines that are more dangerous than the actual virus, a collapsing economy due to the Federal Reserve printing fiat money, a nation of sick people dependant on drugs for their health, an epidemic of diabetes and Alzheimer’s is rampant among our “not that old” citizens. Asthma in people under the age of 30 is prevalent (asthma is a side effect of vaccines). COPD affects millions of people and arthritis is crippling the population.

The onset and sudden rise in all of these ailments and degenerative diseases can be traced back on this timeline and directly correlated to lack of nutrition, chemical ingestion and exposure to xenoestrogens from plastic.

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