The Truth Behind the Label


This booklet compiles information from several sources to bring you a short, easy-to-read guide to food ingredients and side effects.

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Through my work as a holistic health practitioner offering natural remedies, acupuncture and nutritional counseling I am constantly educating my clients on the importance of nutrition in regards to their health and longevity. Many times they are appalled at the hidden ingredients in our foods and the side effects of these products. Most consumers trust the system, the FDA and the food manufacturers to keep their best interest in mind. Sadly, this is a mistake.

Some of the food additives are toxic and consumers should be aware of the implications and possible reactions to these products. There are some questionable ingredients that have been implicated in ADHD, ADD, allergic reactions, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia pain and more. The more educated you are as a consumer the better choices you can make about your health.

“One food additive that creates obesity might not have that much impact but when you consider that each of these food ingredients are cumulative and that some of the side effects create the same health hazards, the magnitude of the debilitating influence on our health is frightening…”

So many people are looking for ways to develop a healthy lifestyle and this is where to start…reading labels and changing eating habits from processed foods to whole, healthy, organic food.

This booklet compiles information from several sources to bring you a short, easy to read guide to food ingredients, side effects.

For that box of favorite crackers with hydrogenated oils, there is a safe alternative organic cracker, for that family favorite salad dressing with MSG and high fructose corn syrup there is a healthy organic alternative with no preservatives, no food additives and no chemicals. It is not necessary to give up your favorite foods to change your lifestyle. It is simply a matter of changing your shopping habits.


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