The Beast Behind the Beauty

If you think the hand lotion you use is good for your skin, if you thin the makeup you apply to your face is beneficial, if you think the body care products you use have been tested for cancer-causing chemicals, you’re wrong.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is a non-regulated industry. There are no federal regulations in place to protect the consumer from exposure to toxic chemicals. There are many every day products that contain chemicals that are designated and hazardous chemicals.

Information on ingredients is not required by law and many toxic chemical are hidden under the listing of “fragrance” or “coloring.”

If just one product contained a dangerous chemical it might not be so devastating but when every product contains these chemicals the toxic burden on the body is overwhelming. This booklet will help you realize the massive amount of toxic chemicals our bodies are exposed to in everyday use of personal care and beauty products. There are some eye-opening statistics and a short list of the most common toxic ingredients in this booklet. The intent of this booklet is to help you, the consumer, to be more aware of the cancer causing and toxic chemicals you are applying to your body and your child’s. This information will empower you to make more informed decisions about your health, and longevity.