The NOAH Project (R) Menu and Eating Schedule


The first GFCF snack is distributed to students in their individual Son-Rise® playrooms. This snack typically consists of certified organic fruits and an organic fruit juice for an intake of 200-300 calories. A small portion is often provided to the facilitator as well to encourage and “join” the child in eating.

11:30 am

Lunch is served to students in their individual Son-Rise® playrooms. The GFCF lunch typically consists of two (2) organic vegetables, one (1) generous serving of a natural meat or meat substitute, one (1) selection of bread or starch, one (1) dessert and a choice of rice or soy milk. Caloric intake amounts to approximately 400-600 calories, with 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 10% fat.


An organic snack possibly including a rice cake and fruits or a slice of pound cake or cup of trail mix along with an organic fruit juice is served to students in their individual Son-Rise® playrooms. Intake: approximately 200-300 calories.

Many parents are surprised at how much their child’s palate and selection of food has changed after just a few days or weeks of eating at The NOAH Project®. Faye is very creative with her recipes and the food presentation that comes from our kitchen. All of the children have tried a variety of food that they may not have been offered otherwise. Some new GECF favorites are carrots, popsicles, rice cookies, rice cakes, vegetarian burgers, fried sweet potatoes, salmon nuggets, and yeast-free pepperoni/vegetable pizza. Every day at least one child indicates their love for the taste of the food by wiping their trays clean and at asking for more! It is evident that once the cravings and addiction to gluten and casein are reduced that the child will choose alternative foods that are healthy. As their bodies become more balanced their overall health improves and they seem to be much happier and interactive. Faye says “Our kitchen’s recipe for success is a pound of care mixed with a ton of fresh organic nutrients to win the respect and affection of our most special children.”